Studies on Leadership show that there are some aspects of leadership (Qualities and Practices) that do not change over time.

Discover these research-based truths in this new book by the 2 Gurus of Research-based leadership: Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner.

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My best research-based book on leadership !

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner (2 professors at Santa Clara University, California) have been carrying out a worldwide study to understand leaders' qualities and leaders practices.

They have come up with a great 5 components leadership model:
1- Model the way
2- Inspire a shared vision
3- Challenge the process
4- Enable Others to act
5- Encourage the heart

Want to know how to apply this in your daily life challenges ?

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Have you ever wondered where this format of schooling we know today came from (around 30 students in a class, same age, 50 mins lessons, the ring, compulsory schooling...).

Believe me, you would be amazed to know for example that our school system was inspired by the Indian schools for the Intouchables cast !

The Ultimate Book to understand the origins of our school system and why it fails to produce leaders (and why reforms always fail).

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It is also available to read at the wonderful author's website:

How to build trust step by step !

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