GOAL: To empower you to consistently lead with the 5 universal principles: Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness and Compassion.

WHY? To build sustainable trust, performance & wellbeing.

Our trainings combine: Challenges + Assessments + Support

The Ethical Leadership Ambassador (ELA) Certificate Program has 5 building blocks:

1- CHALLENGES: Real life ethical challenges for leaders

2- PERSONAL LEVEL: How to consistently model ethical behavior

3- TEAM LEVEL: How to build ethical teams

4- ORGANIZATION LEVEL: How to build ethical organizations

5- GLOBAL LEVEL: How to promote ethical leadership globally

The Ethical Manager's Certificate (EMC) program includes 10 modules:

1- Foundations of Leadership Development

2- Personal Mastery:
- Mental Models/Beliefs
- Thinking
- Emotions
- Talents
- Behaviors

3- SmartCommunication:
- DeepListening
- SpeakUp and voice your values effectively
- Understand and overcome fear of public speaking

4- Systems thinking: Diagnose complex problems effectively and find sustainable solutions

5- Planning, Goals Setting & Execution

6- Conflict Management: How to transform conflicts into development opportunities

7- AikidoLeadership: Handle difficult people with confidence

8- Talent Management: Assess, Recruit, Develop & Retain Talented People

9- Leadership for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

10- Succession Planning & Development